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Wed-Sat 12:00PM - 6:00PM
Phone: (805) 583-7900
Printed from the Simi Valley Cultural Arts Center Website:
February 25 - April 2, 2017


Presented by Actors' Repertory Theatre of Simi. Beautiful mermaid Ariel should be a happy girl -- she lives in an enchanted undersea country, her father is a King, and she has the most beautiful singing voice. But she is a passionate, headstrong teenager, and wants what she cannot have -- to live on land. When she falls in love with a handsome human prince, Ariel is more determined than ever to gain a pair of legs. But her only option is to defy her furious father, and bargain for the help of Ursula the Sea Witch, with her voice the price of entry onto dry land. With the help of Flounder the fish, Scuttle the seagull, and officious court composer Sebastian the crab, Ariel must wordlessly gain the love of Prince Eric within three days -- or lose her soul to the ambitious witch! Based on the classic Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale, and the wildly popular Disney film, this musical staging of The Little Mermaid features a funny and fanciful book by Doug Wright, with the beloved score by Alan Menken, Howard Ashman, and Glenn Slater in an expanded but completely faithful form, featuring the rambunctious and persuasive "Under the Sea," the romantic expectation of "Kiss the Girl," and that anthem to longing and belonging, "Part of Your World." Tickets are $25 for Adults, $22 Seniors 60 & Above and $18 for children 12 & Under.

Simi Valley Cultural Arts Center
3050 E. Los Angeles Ave., Simi Valley, CA 93065

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Audition Informaition
Actors' Repertory Theatre of Simi is holding auditions for the Broadway full length musical production of Disney's classic "The Little Mermaid", based on Hans Christian Andersen's classic fairy tale and the popular animated movie. Book by Doug Wright. Music by Alan Menken. Lyrics by Howard Ashman and Glenn Slater. Auditions will be held on December 13 from 7:30 - 10:30 pm and December 14 from 7-10 pm at the Simi Valley United Methodist Church, 2394 Erringer Rd, Simi Valley, California 93065. This is a singing audition only. Those auditioning will need to bring a head shot and resume if available, in addition to 16-32 bars of prepared sheet music of a show tune from a Broadway musical of a similar genre or by the same composers. Auditions are by appointment only and may be made by email: Rehearsals begin on or about January 9. Performances are February 25-April 2 at the Simi Valley Cultural Arts Center. Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm and Sundays at 2pm. THERE IS NO PAY FOR THIS PRODUCTION.
Cast breakdown
ARIEL Female, 18-25 (Range: Ab3-Gb5) King Triton's youngest daughter. She is hard headed, naive, and emotional but also kind hearted. Actress will be wigged to look like the classic Disney character. PRINCE ERIC Male, 20-28 (Range B2-G4) A handsome, affable young monarch with a buoyant, adventurous nature who falls in love with Ariel. Dark hair preferred but not mandatory. URSULA Male or Female, 35-50 (Range: Eb3-C5) The banished Sea Witch and sister of King Triton. She will use whatever method necessary to claim King Triton's underwater kingdom. She is malevolent, calculating and deceptively evil. Ursula is large, campy and exaggerated but evil and cunning to the core. May be played by a man in drag. FLOUNDER Male, 16-20 (Range: A22-G4) Ariel's best friend, a fish who is also smitten with her. Rambunctious but cautious. Likeable and lovable and innocent. SEBASTIAN Male, 35-50 (Range: Bb2-C5) A crab advisor to King Triton. A musical virtuoso who is constantly distraught from keeping after Ariel. The ability to do a Jamaican accent is a plus. Good comedic timing. Will sport a moustache. GRIMSBY Male 40-60 (Range: C3-C4) Prince Eric's British guardian. Droll and stuffy, he is constantly urging Eric towards his royal duties, specifically marriage. Good character actor. SCUTTLE Male, 25-45 (Range: C3-G4) A disheveled, loud mouthed and optimistic seagull. An "expert" in human artifacts. Good character actor. KING TRITON Male 35-50 (Range: Ab2-F4) King of the Sea and Ariel's father. He has an imposing presence and commanding nature. A harried single father who will do anything to protect his daughters. Ideally should have a strong upper body build as he will be shirtless. FLOTSAM Male 21-40 (Range: E3-C5) An eel and one of Ursula's lackeys. Oily, spineless and sinister, he will say anything you want or need to hear. JETSAM Male 21-40 (Range: B2-A4) An eel, another of Ursula's lackeys. Oily, spineless and sinister, he will say anythin gyou want or need to hear. CHEF LOUIS Male, 30-50 (Range: Bb2-A4) The French Palace Chef. He is diabolical and violent. A culinary perfectionist with an affinity for blades and seafood cuisine. MERSISTERS [AQUATA, ANDRINA, ARISTA, ATINA, ADELLA, ALANA] Female, 18-28 Ariel's sisters, also doubling in other ensemble roles. Ability to tap dance is a plus. ENSEMBLE Males and Females, 9-40 Various characters including a pilot, sailors, sea creatures, and princesses. Ability to tap dance is a plus for some roles. Ensemble may include teens and four to six children ages 9-12. Prior extensive stage experience and vocal/dance trainings is required.